About sWaggerz


Thanks for your interest!  I'm Bernie Maloney, and this is an outline of sWaggerz.

The background
In 2003, I was the Treasurer for a breed club.  I was also selling on eBay and getting familiar with online payments.  The original application was developed to handle AKC conformation and obedience.  In 2004, it was expanded to handle AKC Agility events of up to 4 days.  In 2005, an application was developed to handle USDAA events up to 4 days.

The intention behind these applications has been to be a contribution to dog sport by:

  • giving exhibitors the convenience of online entries at a price competitive with big AKC superintendents
  • giving individual event secretaries the ability to offer online entries and set the convenience fee
  • sharing convenience fee proceeds with the secretary &/or clubs hosting the events

Fees Direct to Secretaries
All entry and convenience fees flow directly to the secretary's PayPal account.  I invoice only after the close of entries, with payment due 15 days net after invoice.  This means you already have your entry fees in hand before the event, and that your payment to sWaggerz is due during or after the event itself!

All a secretary needs is a PayPal account, and to add a specific and unique sWaggerz email address to that account.  AT NO TIME is the PayPal password needed.

Demonstration Entry Available
For those who want to get a sense of the application, a demo is available.  This is based on an event run through sWaggerz for the Agility Trial Secretary for the 2005 Samoyed National.  The demo differs from a live event in a few ways:

  • submission recipient
    because the trial on which the demo is based is closed, the demo application is configured to send the submission to sWaggerz's webmaster, rather than then event's actual Secretary.
  • fees reduced
    in case someone tests all the way through payment, class fees are 1/100th the actual values from the event, and the online convenience fee is 1/10th the actual fee for that event.
  • payment destination
    the demo is configured to send payment to the account of sWaggerz's webmaster.  This enables the ability to refund mistaken payments directly
  • open/close of entries
    entries 'open' at 6 a.m. and 'close' at 11:30 p.m. daily.  This demonstrates the application's ability to open and close at the times published in the PL or Test Schedule.

The demo is at:

For a comparison of what other online entry offerings charge exhibitors, a summary page is at:

Let sWaggerz Run your Event
At sWaggerz, we welcome helping you provide your exhibitors with similarly competitive offerings for your own event!  For more information about our existing capabilities with AKC Agility, Conformation and Obedience as well as USDAA entries, or if you'd like to work with us to expand these offerings, please write to us at:  ntrz (at) swaggerz (dot) com


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