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Thanks for your interest in running your event through sWaggerz!

It's transparent that online submission can increase revenue due to last minute entries.  What's less transparent is that sWaggerz online applications also increase the quality of the entry received.  Each AKC entry is checked for completeness and correctness prior to submission.  No more 19 mo. olds entered in puppy sweepstakes, or agility combinations of Novice + Open!


Information Needed
We appreciate getting event information (club logo/graphics, fees, classes, AKC event numbers, dates, opening and closing times) as early as possible.  This information is used to configure the event for the secretary to review and approve prior to opening it to exhibitors.  This doesn't have to arrive as a PL or test schedule, but those do have all the data.  Even a copy from last year's event is helpful!

Once you've decided to run your event through sWaggerz, all you need is a PayPal account, and to add a specific and unique sWaggerz email address to that account.  AT NO TIME is the PayPal password needed.

Lead Time
For agility events, please allow 2-3 weeks lead time before event opening for setup.  For AKC conformation and obedience events, having event information about 6-8w before closing is ideal.  For new clients, please allow a little extra time for initial setup.  We're actively working to reduce these lead times through automation.

Entry Confirmation:  From the Secretary
sWaggerz applications were designed to transmit a formatted entry electronically and enable online payment.  Confirmation of entry acceptance is not automated.  There are strong parallels to using an expedited delivery service (like FedEx or fax) for a paper entry:  there's a cost for the transmission of the entry, but acceptance is not guaranteed.  The advantage is sWaggerz is faster than FedEx, and for an individual dog, often less expensive than guaranteed overnight delivery!

A letter from Pamela Manaton of the AKC posted in the AKC Trial Secretaries group on Yahoo!Groups notes:

"...yes, you may still accept these entries via electronic submission, after the first 24 hours, as these would be considered paper entries, since there is no automation of guaranteed entry.  You can think of this type of electronic entry as being similar to a faxed entry where you as trial secretary must interact to "accept" the entry."

Payment Flows
All entry and convenience fees flow directly to your PayPal account.  This means you already have your entry fees in your account before the event!

You're invoiced for sWaggerz charges only after the close of entries, with payment due 15 days net after invoice.  We accept checks, money orders and cashier's checks.

A true desire for these applications is to make online entries affordable and accessible.  As a prior a club treasurer, I know how tight cash flow can be and want there to be no delay in funds reaching my clients.  PayPal is a good fit with those objectives. 

Most other payment processing alternatives have a minimum fee of $20-$50/month, plus a similar percentage per payment and in some cases an initial setup fee.  It takes a good bit of scale (65-165+ transactions per month) before those alternatives cost less than PayPal.  Because each secretary receives the payment directly into an account they control, that scale only comes individually, rather than as an aggregate across all secretaries.  In 4+ years of processing entries, I recall no reports from event secretaries of payment difficulties.

Convenience Fee Amounts
The convenience charge is at the discretion of the event secretary.  This can be either a flat fee or based on a percentage of the total entry fees and can be set event by event.  The
application can vary the percentage-based convenience fee by total amount of entry fees, so that exhibitors in multi-day events can get a volume discount.  A competitive convenience fee covers sWaggerz charges, almost always with some margin for the event secretary/host.  Isn't that a nice arrangement?

For a comparison of what other online entry offerings charge exhibitors, a summary page is at:

Let sWaggerz Run your Event
At sWaggerz, we welcome helping you provide your exhibitors with similarly competitive offerings for your own event!  For more information about our existing capabilities with AKC Agility, Conformation and Obedience as well as USDAA entries, or if you'd like to work with us to expand these offerings, please write to us at: 
ntrz (at) swaggerz (dot) com


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